We are a volunteer association whose aim is to help facilitate the promotion and development of Twizel. We act as an umbrella association to many clubs and groups within our community.



Informative and local, the Twizel Update is a rich source of the latest news and events in the Mackenzie Basin. With a readership of over 2000, the Twizel Update is a relevant, grass roots and popular weekly publication. It is distributed throughout Twizel and to Tekapo, Omarama, Fairlie, Aoraki/Mount Cook Village, and an ever-growing email list and online.

Keep yourself up to date on what is happening in Twizel and surrounds.



For a small town, Twizel has a full events programme that extends into the Mackenzie Basin and celebrates the abundant features and resources of this superb area.


For the Twizel Information Centre email:

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