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Coralie Reid - One Agency Mackenzie

Whether you’re buying or selling real estate in the Mackenzie District, Coralie is your girl. With a background in tourism, hospitality, administration, and “girl Friday actions of whatever needed doing” Coralie’s progression into real estate as a One Agency agent has been one she considers natural.

Moving to Twizel in 2007 to turn a long-distance relationship into a permanent one, Coralie did initially have her doubts about her decision during the quiet winter months. “Once I got through my first winter of inversion layers and got to enjoy a full four seasons in Twizel I was hooked,” she said.

“Twizel is such a place of simple pleasures, and everything is so accessible. It didn’t worry me that there was only a Four Square for food – it stocked everything, and ‘fresh fish Tuesday’ was an outing.”

With the help of husband, Tim, Coralie set about making a big impact with a One Agency Mackenzie branded truck, a full-page advertisement in the Twizel Update and a slew of flyers. It didn’t take long to get her first listing and sale, and her business grew organically ever since.

“I love that about Twizel,” Coralie said. “Twizelites embrace new businesses and give them a go. I never had aspirations of being the oldest or the biggest, but simply the most recommended agent in and around Twizel.”

As a people person, what Coralie loves the most about One Agency is the interpersonal connection her job affords. “I am part of a huge aspect/investment of people’s lives,” she said. “It truly is a privilege to work for vendors and assist buyers in their journeys.”

Coralie was engaged to sell our Twizel house. She did a really superb job and had a lot of good advice. I was particularly impressed with how she always went the extra distance for us and helped out with the 101 things that lead to getting it sold. All those things that absentee owners really appreciate. I would totally recommend her to anyone looking for an agent who not only works hard but works smart.

Coralie has thrown herself into the Twizel community. She enjoyed the community connection as a parent, having grown a village through her kids’ progression from the Twizel Toy Library playgroup, through the Twizel Early Learning Centre, and into Twizel Area School and beyond. Now she is chairperson of Twizel Promotions, a role which ties in nicely with her passion for supporting local. “My job as an independent operator means we are proudly family owned and locally operated, which is really important to me as well as supporting local,” she said. “I strive for #lovetwizel.”

Coralie and her whānau have lived in Twizel for long enough to recall the many changes that have happened in the town in recent years. The addition of the Mackenzie Four Square, upgrade of Market Place, completion of new subdivisions, and the opening of a new medical centre are all milestones that Coralie highlights as markers of a thriving town.

“What hasn’t changed is everyone’s passion for Twizel and it holding a special place in their hearts,” Coralie said. “It is an amazing place to raise a family; where else can you swim in a lake just five minutes down the road and then you have further lakes to choose from close by. Add to that the rural land just past North West Arch where you can leave town to walk through the trees and say hi to the Tahr – that has to be a Twizel thing.”

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