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New Welcome Sign Proposed for Twizel


Twizel Promotions would like to thank everyone that responded to our recent survey regarding a new Welcome Sign for Twizel’s north and south entrances.  Thank you also to those people who have taken time to submit alternative design ideas, these designs were varied and provided a good insight into what the designers felt would make a great sign for Twizel. The survey results are mixed about the proposed sign (referenced in the survey) with some loving the sign and others feeling it or parts of it did not cut the mustard.  The graph below summarises the survey results.  There were also comments about the busy location of the sign at the northern entrance to town and suggestions that the welcome sign be relocated further north away from the congestion of this busy corner.

So, where to from here? We are collating the themes that have come from your feedback and are using these to work on a design brief with a professional graphic designer.   We hope to have the brief completed before Christmas and make a start on the construction of the signs early 2017.  

Twizel: Your Town, Your Future - Museum & Heritage Trail


For some time we have been planning a Heritage Trail which will identify sites of interest relating to Twizel's early years as a Hydro Town. It will be a permanent record of historical interest, an ongoing educational resource, and a walking or cycling track for both locals and visitors to the town.

We have been fortunate in receiving a grant from Meridian to enable us to start work on the trail, planning for which has been the main item on the agenda of every meeting for the last year or so.

At our last meeting (Wednesday 09 November) we made a ‘to do’ list to get the trail started. A small group will go around the proposed trail, marking the location of the sites where notices will go subject to council approval, and the manufacture of the notices and stands — one for each identified site of historical interest — is under way.

Colin McKinney (Chair)

Twizel Community Board Workshop on TPDA’s Summary Report: 'Twizel Our Town, Our Future'
20 August 2015

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Twizel: Your Town, Your Future - Museum & Heritage Trail


At the recent ‘Our Town, Our Future’ meeting of Twizel residents, the idea for a regional interactive centre and historic trail designed to preserve and showcase both the Hydro and Pioneering history of the Mackenzie was developed. This meeting was facilitated by the Twizel Promotions and Development Group (TPDA) and was attended by members of Council, Community Board and over 70 Twizel residents. Following this, a meeting of the Twizel Promotions and Twizel Community Board was held to discuss the ideas mooted at the meeting. The idea for a regional interactive centre based in Twizel which is the base for an historic trail around the Mackenzie was explored and the Community Board and Twizel Promotions would like to see the initial stages of this initiative be implemented over the next 5 years. This submission has broad based support from Twizel residents, the Community Board and the Twizel Promotions and Development Group.

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Twizel: Your Town, Your Future - Future Focussed Workshop


There was plenty of buzz, endless ideas and lots of positive energy at the Twizel: Our Town, Our Future Future Focussed Workshop on Sunday 3 May. Facilitated by Twizel Promotions, the workshop was a starting point for locals to look at the future of Twizel and defining what we want from our town. Seventy plus people attended the workshop, thank you all for your participation.

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Bubbles & Inspiration: Dame Susan Glazebrook


Justice Susan Glazebrook presented a fascinating insight into the NZ Court System and her own career progression to Supreme Court Judge at ‘Bubbles and Inspiration’ last Thursday night. She reflected on the themes that contributed to her own successful career and how these may be applied to help young people reach their potential.   

Around 70 people came along to the night which stretched out to around 9pm as questions and answers kept coming and people took the opportunity meet and chat to Susan. Inspiring, and I must say a little daunting, Susan kept our interest for almost an hour as she shared personal successes, moments of terror and practical tips for managing motherhood and a hugely full career.

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